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40 Trendy Summer Nail Colors of 2019

40 Trendy Summer Nail Colors of 2019

Your social media profiles are going to flood with beach photos now. Yes, you got it right! Summer is here and so as your vaca mode. You can win this summer with shorts, a good sunscreen and how can you forget the essential dazzling nail color. Though the diverse trend is on the mind of

40 Cute Sundresses for Women For Summer 2019

OOTD and OOTN are just two words that sprang up in the generation of millennials. However, the concept of dressing the best has always been there since quite a very long time. With changing weathers, the fashion also takes a twirl and so do the choices of outfits, colors and accessories change. Among this chaos

40 Prominent Summer Outfit Ideas For Black Women

Looking for fashionable ideas for black women? What outfits should girls with dusky and dark complexion wear for a swag look? How should they carry themselves for a glamorous look? Well, with summers just around the corner – it’s time to shop for cool summer dresses and skirts, right gals! Today, we present our prominent

40 Casual Work Outfit Ideas For Summer 2019

In a world where the term ‘office-appropriate’ means dressing smartly and fashionable, has never been that easier. So, it’s time to infuse your work wardrobe with a new flare. Do you have any thoughts about stylish summer office outfits? Some of you may find hard to dress appropriately and comfortable during summer days, so here

40 Cute Day Drinking Outfit Ideas For A Warm Day

Nothing can beat the joy of day drinking on a warm day. Summer is here and you must be having a plan of day drinking at the pool. It’s a dream to look cool without much effort. This dream may be real. Yes, here is the best picked Cute Day Drinking Outfit Ideas For A Warm Day. These